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At Thomas Farms, we breed and raise rare, old breed chickens.
We specialize in Jersey Giants which are the largest
breed of chicken in the world. These unique birds were
originally bred to replace turkeys as a table bird. Their
laid back, friendly, attitude and good laying ability make
them a great bird for professionals or back yard breeders.
From our stock, we sell hatching eggs, chicks, full grown
birds, and eggs for eating.

Jersey Blue Chicken Photo


Hatching Eggs

***We are currently not selling hatching/eating eggs.***

Our farm fresh eggs taste much better than the
store-bought eggs. Our chickens and eggs are
free of hormones, steroids, and antibiotics.
Try a dozen for your kitchen or buy a few and
hatch your own egg layers!

***We are currently not selling chicks.***

If you're interested in having your own flock, but
don't want to deal with incubating your own eggs, let
us do that for you and buy chicks directly from us.
We have Jersey Giants and a mixture of other chicks.
Contact us to find out what we currently have on hand.


Jersey Blue or Mixed Breed Chicks

Grown Birds

Grown Jersey Blue or Mixed Breed Chickens/Roosters

***We are currently not selling grown birds***

Full grown birds are the easiest way to go for
those with a busy lifestyle or less experience
with rearing chicks. We have a variety of age
groups (from juvenile birds to mature laying hens)
from which you can choose.

Our Rates are as follows:
• Jersey Giant Eggs (for hatching): $3.00/each
• Jersey Chicks: $7.00/each
• Grown Jersey Giant: $25.00/each
• Juvenile Jersey Giant: $15.00/each